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Drudge will begin her fate mate mate will be chosen Like everyone else her future is marked by the numbers on her spine But Ettie decides to challenge her destiny And in so doing she fulfils the prophecy that was spoken of before she even exist Oh please this book is awesomeI know there isn t descriptions about the characters in this one that s because the author wanted us to create them ourselvesthis book is so savage whoahoping for a part 2

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The Mark

In the future the world has flipped Ravaged by the Conflagration this is a harsh world where the relentless sun beats down people’s lives are run by a heartless elite and law is enforced by a brutal brigade A mark at the base of the spine con I read this because it is one of the new prescribed books for grade 10 at the school where I m doing observation at the moment I m a little sceptical of genre fiction being used as prescribed texts even though I obviously enjoy science fiction and the like in general so I wanted to see what the rationale was in choosing a book that is obviously following the dystopia girl hero trendAnd after reading it the rationale was clearly someone looking at the cover and going this has a teenage girl and that Hunger Games thing was popular teenagers will like this phew let s clock off early today All other considerations aside this book is a terrible choice for a prescribed text both for first and second language speakersBut first the good I didn t give this book only one star because there were some redeeming features especially in the second half when the story takes off The world has some interesting aspects I especially liked the use of hadeda birds because I loathe them so that got a visceral reaction and with some editing and further development there s potential thereHowever There is a whole lot wrong here and keep in mind this is a book to teach from The writing style is juvenile not in terms of content but the actual structure and style The author uses no contractions which I used to do when I was twelve because I thought it sounded fancier It does not It makes your writing sound stilted and over formal and when the first person narrator is an orphan who grew up in the slums it makes for a very weird distant sounding voice There are short broken sentences lying around everywhere which would have helped the book read a lot faster if it wasn t for the stilted language Unfortunately the combined result is very stop start like someone who doesn t know how to driveWAIT just reminded of a huge problem the blurb on the back of the book holds ABSOLUTELY NO RELATION to the content Seriously What I was so confused and kept waiting for the family killing to start but nope Perhaps the back sets up the series which this is obviously intended to be Which is a terrible choice and makes this book even worse as prescribed literatureAnyway Main character Ettie is a decent character but her internal monologue is too sparse too lacking in emotion and this together with the writing style kept me from connecting with her She states that she has to hide her true feelings all the time so people don t use them against her which is fair enough good and believable character trait but then her thoughts need to show her actual feelings She is an inexplicable robot much of the timeThis is made worse by the fact that for a large part of the story Ettie isn t really the hero Or at least she is unaware of and uninvolved with the machinations going on around her I do think that the side kick or the bystander viewpoint can be interesting but once you realise what s going on it just kind of makes her seem like an idiot view spoiler Of course she is the actual Chosen One but none of that becomes relevant in this book hide spoiler

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Trols each person’s destiny The Machine decides what work you will do and who your life partner will be In this world everyone must make their contribution Some than others Juliet Seven – “Ettie” – will soon turn 15 and her life as a Yet again I find myself asking why this was chosen as a school setwork book Yes the author is South African and I want to support South African writers But I find myself less inclined to want to support them when they are forced on me and I feel that the reason is not in the best interests of our kidsI found the characters rather stunted I know that there is a distinction between appearance vs reality let s use the phrase that EVERYONE is going to use to discuss this well indoctrinated kids but there is very very little that actually shows the reality and not the appearance I don t want to take it as fact that a character is really kind and caring I want actual proof of it and in than one place please The world building was well done but I feel it was at the expense of the characters The significance the lesser characters have is lost in the world building as they appear to be a means to reveal another fact and are not people in their own right until the end oops Spoiler MaybeBut what I detested the most was the ending especially for a school book even though it is my pet hate in all circles The ending is a gimmick to make you buy the next book It ends on the cliffhanger No book should end on a cliffhanger It means the story is incomplete and not properly structured or else you are wanting to milk your readers for twice the amount of cash I refuse This will not be the first book I have abandoned here Structure your plot properly care for your readers especially in this country where SA books cost a fortune and we will care for you in return

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    I read this because it is one of the new prescribed books for grade 10 at the school where I'm doing observatio

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    Having taught English for 10 years I can safely say this has been the worst novel I've ever taught My problems with the bookCharacters The characters are poorly developed Ettie is an unreliable narrator and her personality does little to nothing to create sympathy in the reader If I don't care about the charac

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    Before you roll your eyes at what you may consider to be yet another YA dystopia read you can be reassured that The Mark by Edyth Bulbring isn’t cast in the same mould as The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins as so many recent releases have been Instead the work has a grittier scratchy behind the eyes feel that one would expect with George Orwell’s 1984 Ettie also known as Juliet Seven isn’t the special girl with the super abilities who

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    I read this book as part of my school curriculum Needless to say I obviously read these books within a day of getting my hands on them this one however didn't go that way at all In fact I finished it about three months afte

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    Yet again I find myself asking why this was chosen as a school setwork book Yes the author is South African and I want to support South African writers But I find myself less inclined to want to support them when they are forced on me and I fee

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    The Mark is a dystopian novel that takes place after the world has burned and the sun beats down mercilessly It is hell on earth in ways than one The elite few have all the privileges and use their power to dominate everyone else There are horrific human rights violations in every chapter One of them is to discard people o

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    story line is a bit difficult to understand from the beginning but as you continue reading the story make sense and you get a understanding of what is actually happening in the book It is a GR 10 novel so a was a must to read this book I enjoyed the book very must I recommend picking up this book just at least o

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    Oh please this book is awesomeI know there isn't descriptions about the characters in this one that's because the author wanted us to

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    this book was just simply amazing i enjoyed reading it there was never a dull point in the book i was on the edg

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    Awesome but ending is sht