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In a hurricaneNope nope nope No matter that he's her one true mate She's a respectable widow with no call to be having such fool notions at her time of life What would her family thinkBut he is the Master Shark And he has never failed in the huntWhat paranormal romance fans are saying about this addictive series 'I only wish I could give stars I cried and held my breath laughed with joy then cried' 'This story just leaves your heart feeling full Such a great HEA' 'A joy from beginning to end' 'A master of her trade who excels at creating uniue storylines and vividly depicted worldsfilled to the brim with dange. The Master shark s mate did not disappointThis is 5th book from the series Fire Rescue shifters and if you haven t read this series you need to Zoe Chant has a incredi

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The Master Sharks Mate (Fire Rescue Shifters Book 5)

He's the most feared shifter in the seaShe's a middle aged grandma from ArizonaHe may have finally met his matchHated and mistrusted Feared and misunderstood For decades the Master Shark has protected the underwater city of Atlantis Now his Empress has set him his most difficult mission yetA relaxing beach vacationCoyote shifter Martha Hernandez doesn't want to take a vacation She doesn't want to sit around in some fancy all shifter resort when her pack could be getting up to who knows what mischief in her absence And she definitely doesn't want to bang this mysterious scarred silent stranger like a screen door. Title The Master Shark s MateSeries Fire and Rescue ShiftersAuthor Zoe ChantDesignation Book 5 of Series Standalone Novella NO CLiffhangerReading Platform

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R drama heartache passion and heartwarming romance' 'Outstanding beautiful and intriguing' 'This whole series has been delightful' 'I smiled cried sighed laughed and clung to the edge of my seat' 'I can't get enough these firefighters' 'The story is so strong and full Zoe has a gift of making the characters real' 'I'm really going to hate it when the series ends the characters are like old friends'All books in the Fire & Rescue Shifters series are standalone romances and can be read in any order If you love intense paranormal romance filled with passion action and a whole lot of sass scroll up and one click tod. I love this series each and every book has been written so well and in a way you fall in love But with this one i found it just ok it was rather bland and well not on par with o

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    Title: The Master Shark's Mate
    Series: Fire and Rescue Shifters
    Author: Zoe Chant
    Designation: Book 5 of Series, Standalone Novella, NO CLiffhanger
    Reading Platform: Kindle Edition
    My Rating: Five Sexy Sweet Stars*****
    Oh my! Oh my! Oh my! The Master Shark's Mate is Zoe Chant at the top of her game and

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    Finn, The Master Shark, Second in command, Voice of the Empress had been protecting the underwater city of Atlantis for decades. He was feared and misunderstood. When the Pearl Empress Neridia (FIREFIGHTER SEA DRAGON) requested he take a vaca

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    This is actually a crossover between the author’s Shifting Sand series and her Fire & Rescue Shifters series (this book falls after Firefighter Sea Dragon in that series). I haven’t read any of the Shifting Sand books (yet!) and didn’t fe

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    "The Master Shark's Mate" was awesome mainly for no other reason than the fact that the main characters were so much mature age wise, I mean, really! how many book's out there, that have a main character that's a widowed grandmother? and finding their one true mate after 30 year's of marriage.
    O.k, there are other reason's to enj

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    The Master shark's mate did not disappoint!!!!
    This is 5th book from the series Fire & Rescue shifters and if you haven't read this series you need to. Zoe Chant has a incredible gift on transporting you to a new reality, you fell like you are right there , living the story.
    I sooo loved Finn! We first meet Finn ( I love calli

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    Even a shark deserves a happy life with his mate and Ms Chant ensures he gets it. Master Shark has served and th

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    An unusual twist. Quiet, romantic, almost nomadic shifter shark finds true love and is confused. Baffled as to how he can claim her. She a widow does her best to avoid him. But he sacrifices everything natural to him for his chance of true love. Something he never expected in A MILLION YEARS. Lovely story.

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    Good book

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    I love this series each and every book has been written so well and in a way you fall in love. But with this on