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The Saint of Pakistan

The Saint of Pakistan is a free extract from Paramédico – a collection of adventures by Australian paramedic Benjamin Gilmour about his work on ambulances around the world From England to Mexico and Iceland.

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To Pakistan Gilmour takes us on an extraordinary thrill ride with his wild coworkers Along the way he learns a few things too and shows us not only how precious life truly is but how to passionately embrace i.

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Abdul Sattar Edhi a simple Pakistani grandfather heads the largest ambulance service in the world and has never had a day off in his life In this mini ebook he tells Benjamin Gilmour about his life in Pakistan.

About the Author: Benjamin Gilmour

Benjamin Gilmour was born in Germany in 1975 but has lived most of his life in Australia where he works as an ambulance paramedic filmmaker and writer His first book Warrior Poets – Guns Movie making and the Wild West of Pakistan was published in 2008 based on his experiences directing the award winning feature film Son of a Lion

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