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The Summer I Found You

D young veteran struggling to embrace his new life When Kate and Aidan find each other neither one wants to get attached But could they be right for each other after all. Actual rating 25 stars This book is actually uite a hard one to write a review for because on one hand it s not a bad book but I don t particularly like it either because I couldn t connect with the characters and the entire story is just kinda like bland pasta not terrible enough for you to hate it but also doesn t leave a good impressionNow lets talk about the charactersKate At the start I didn t really mind Kate at all She was your typical YA heroine and I was just like yeah yeah whatever she s not too bad I can deal with her And then I started to see her annoying selfish side when she doesn t take her medication and argues with her mum and dad when they ground her and take away her car because her health is in dangerNow I can understand where Kate is coming from She s been diagnosed with type one diabetes and she just wants to be normal like everyone else so she pretends that she doesn t have it What I m frustrated with is that she never ever thinks about the conseuences of her actions such as not taking her medication and how serious her illness is until Aidan confronts her about it and she s suddenly like oh My illness is actually serious I could die Wow I m probably being insensitive about this but it just feels as if she suddenly realised all this and gets her act together only because Aidan found out and was disappointed with herAidanAidan was a slightly better character than Kate though in my opinion still kinda bland Aidan lost his right arm when he was in the army and unlike Kate who wants to pretend everything is normal Aidan is frustrated with how everyone is treating him like he is normal You would think that due to Kate s illness and Aidan s disability that they would help and balance each other out but since Aidan only finds out about Kate s condition at the end of the book it s mostly just Kate helping Aidan overcoming his issue with his lost arm and even that was just skimming the surfaceI also felt that while Aidan and Kate s attraction to each other was developed decently it could ve been developed further before they realised they had feelings for each otherOther charactersThe secondary characters are all uite flat and one dimensional to me such as the ex boyfriend Sheldon that name just reminds me of Sheldon from Big Bang Theory and lets just say it s not good who is presented as this neat organised preppy dude like it s a bad thing and apart from Kate telling me how she misses the way he stares at her I don t even know why she liked him in the first placeThe best friend Jen wasn t developed any further than her basic purpose which was to hook Aidan and Kate together and uh yeah this is the same with Kate s sister and Aidan s mother where their main purpose is to push those two togetherThis is not a terrible book but I don t think it s a memorable one Comparing this to Something Like Normal which is also a contemporary love story about a guy who gets discharged from the army The summer I found you I never once got the summer vibe pales in comparison But yeah if you re bored still check this outI received this book in return for an honest review via Netgalley

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E's still reeling from her diagnosis of type 1 diabetes Aidan planned on being a lifer in the army and went to Afghanistan straight out of high school Now he's a disable. So I ve spent the last four hours reading this entire book and wondering a few things1 Is it Aidan or Aiden Seriously This is so obvious it s not even Writing 101 It s like Common Sense 101 You should know how to spell your own character s name2 Did this book not have betas Because it has legitimately the worst grammar and punctuation I ve seen in any book ever Someone teach Jolene Perry how to use a comma and apostrophes and uestion marks and proper sentence structure eg I m one of the girls who roll her eyes every day they wear their cute little uniforms This sentence should be either referring to the speaker herself I m one of the girls who rolls her eyes or referring to the girls as a group I m one of the girls who roll their eyes And I m not just being picky here there were so many sentences with such poor wording that I had to read them twice or three times just to figure out what they were trying to say I realize that what I read was a galley and all of this could be fixed by the time the final version is published but I sincerely doubt it Galleys should not have even been sent out with the book in this condition You know that feeling that you used to get in high school when you had to critiue someone else s paper and all you wanted to do was rewrite every other sentence to make it flow better and actually you know follow the rules of the English language That was how I felt throughout this whole bookAnd 3 What is with that cover It s not relevant to the book at all Neither for that matter is the title The book does not even take place in the summer It takes place during the school year because how else would we have been forced to sit through the totally traumatic experience of seeing Kate s ex boyfriend with his stereotypical new cheerleader girlfriend or the actually traumatic experience of visualizing Kate lying on the disgusting school bathroom floor poking herself with a needle For a girl who complains about feeling gross because she has a disease she sure didn t seem that horrified to be basically guaranteeing herself an infection of some kind by getting the needle that close to all the bacteria that s definitely partying down thereThese things aside though it really is difficult for me to brush off the grammar thing the book was okay The story was not bad but the execution was Kate and AidanAiden were both self absorbed but what bothers me the most is that Aidan is self absorbed in a way that makes it seem like he is that way because of how much he cares for someone else and Kate is self absorbed in a way that makes you want to slap her We re supposed to believe that AidanAiden won t go see his sergeant s wife because of how much he thinks he failed him or her but in reality he won t go see her because he doesn t want to be reminded of it Or at least that s what I got out of it I just why attempt to give the male character an excuse for his selfishness but not the female character This way it just gives people a reason to blame the girl for the book s failures People now get to say that she was annoying and whiny and narcissistic view spoiler God what kind of person avoids her problems to the point where she ends up in the hospital How shallow that she won t consider an insulin tube because of the way it looks Kate stop being so horrible and tell him the truth Stop doing this to your family hide spoiler

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All they have in common is that they're less than perfect And all they're looking for is the perfect distractionKate's dream boyfriend has just broken up with her and sh. See reviews at YA Midnight ReadsMini ReviewMy belief is that if you want to write an effective story about fatal illnesses you don t want your story to be too short I feel that 250 pages is too short for a book that deals with these types of topics as they do call for detail and emotional build ups The Summer I Found You held a lot of potential though was failed by the execution Read lack of depth and unlikable narratorI loved the idea of a girl with Type 1 Diabetes and a guy with only one arm coming together though I knew it was going to be extremely hard to nail down seamlessly Ever since Kate was diagnosed with diabetes she feels annoyed at everyone for treating her like a fragile glass doll Afraid to hurt her always checking on her because of her diabetes She s sick of it She doesn t want to go to the doctor for check ups she s sick of all the empathetic looks I liked Kate at the beginning she seemed like a convincing teen who just wanted her life back But when she started recording different numbers for her blood pressure onto her notebook for her doctor my opinion of her flipped She clearly does not now how fatal diabetes can get without the correct treatment She thinks if she can fool the doctor and her parents she ll be able to fool her illness as well Even when her parents get worried sick her motives do not change Kate darling use your brain while you still can diabetes is no joking matterThe romance was pretty half hearted as well I did not feel the chemistry at all I wanted of a build up or something that could make it realistic I found myself skimming most of the romance parts because it was not the slightest bit fascinatingOverall a really dissatisfying novel with poor characters romance and depth I wouldn t recommend it Thank you Albert Whitman for sending me this copy

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    25 STARS Something Like Normal was easily one of the most enjoyable New Adult books I've read this year and I was fully under the impression that this will be following a similar vein but with heavier emotional heft as the hero AidanAiden it varies Connelly not only suffers from PTSD but also lost an arm from his tour i

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    See reviews at YA Midnight ReadsMini ReviewMy belief is that if you want to write an effective story about fatal illnesses you don't want your story to be too short I feel that 250 pages is too short for a book that deals with these types of topics as they do call for detail and emotional build ups The Summer I Found You held a lo

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    Review This is my third Jolene Perry book and I have to say I think she is a favorite of mine I really enjoyed The Summer I Found You and had a hard time putting it downKate is dealing with being broken up with and her Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis Aidan is struggling with losing is his arm in Afghanistan and what to do now that he won't a lif

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    So I've spent the last four hours reading this entire book and wondering a few things1 Is it Aidan or Aiden? Seriously? This is so obvious it's not even Writing 101 It's like Common Sense 101 You should know how to

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    Visit YA Book ueens for reviewsNOTE I received this ARC from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest rev

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    I've been teetering between rating stars since I read it There wasn't anything really wrong with it I just didn't fall in love with the story I couldn't really get into the characters This is dual perspective so we get a good feel

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    Actual rating 25 stars This book is actually uite a hard one to write a review for because on one hand it's not a bad boo

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    I was so excited to read this book I mean who wouldn't be when spotting a summery cover when it's like 4 degrees o

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    olene Perry is one of those authors where if she writes a book I must read it own it and sniff it So I was so excited when I finally got my hands on a copy of The Summer I Found YouAt first I thought the book was going to be a little

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    The Summer I Found You follows through the eyes of 17 year old Kate who has just been dumped by her boyfriend of over a year Shelton Kate is upset and doesn’t know what to do On top of going through the breakup

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