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The Tinkertoy Computer and Other Machinations

Es of Scientific American and Algorithm For novice hackers and longtime afficionados alike it is a stimulating fun filled journey to the frontiers of computer science.

characters The Tinkertoy Computer and Other Machinations

Can a contraption made of Tinkertoys win at tic tac toe Can a computer create music Design golf courses on the screen Simulate the human brain Can mathematics really.

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Explain anything and everything For further elaboration on these and other provocative uestions read this latest collection of AK Dewdney's columns drawn from the pag.

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Alexander Keewatin AK Dewdney is a professor of computer science at the University of Western Ontario a mathematician environmental scientist and author of books on diverse subjects Wanderers of cyberspace may discover something about my life as a mathematician and computer scientist environmental scientist conservationist and author of books and articlesThe name Keewatin is an Ojibw

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    In 1984 after Douglas Hofstadter left the position Scientific American recruited Professor Alexander K Dewdney a professor of computer science at the University of Western Ontario to run their column of Computer then Mathematical Recreations He continued in this position until 1991This book is a collection of mostly columns from SciAm with a couple from Algorithm thrown in for good measureA lot of the pleasure of reading these columns at t

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    I'd heard about the Tinkertoy Computer some years ago How in the heck did they make a tic tac toe playing machine out of tinkertoysNutshell answer they put wheels on shafts at various locations forming a version of ROM When various choices are made various positions are checked and when a position has a wheel in it it triggers THAT as the next choice the machine should makeIt worked Well Although when they disassembled it moved

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    A collection of columns on computer science from the Scientific American; I must say that Martin Gardner and Douglas Hofstadter wrote on interesting topics

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