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It's the year 3000 and children are raised by steam machines Switzerland has been converted into a theme park and there are no fewer than 684 kinds of mental illness With eccentric dark humor Emile Souvestre portrays a society dominated by mechanization and greed However comically exaggerate.

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Le Monde Tel u'il Sera

D the unmistakable echoes of real problems and possibilities in Souvestre's satire make this book science fiction's earliest warning against the dangers of mechanization in a society ruled by consumerismThe World as It Shall Be was originally published in France in 1846 the first fully illus.

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Trated story in the history of future fiction The satiric novel with 87 charming illustrations unfolds through the eyes of Maurice and Marthe a young couple who are brought to the year 3000 by the spirit of the age M John Progres This first English translation includes all of the original ar.

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    Those who talk about Huxley's relevance should dive into this book All of his supposed anticipations are already there almost one century before Brave New World And it is much fun to read

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