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    If you want the truth on Lecrae's life rather than listening to what is on the internet/social media READ this book! A disclaimer her

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    I'm world's away from the life Lacrae led yet I'm convicted by his story to look at the world through God's eyes. This is a book for every Christian, even old white women who think they have it figured out.

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    I loved listening to this book (Lecrae narrates I definitely recommend listening to it rather than reading if possible). I appreciate Lecrae's complete transparency. He doesn't glorify his sin or past, but he doe

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    I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS BOOK!!! There are so many people now days that go through crazy situations in life. They are afraid of what people may think and won't speak up! Lecrae's story is extremely powerful and inspiring!!! He's shining a light on the things that we'd rather keep in hidden the dark! He's being a light and

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    This is one of the greatest testimonies I've ever heard. Not sure exactly what I had expected but it definitely wasn't this. There is SO MUCH packed into this book and it was a quick read because it was so interesting but it's also one of the most impactful books I've read in my life. Lecrae didn't just tell his story, he challenged me to really dive deep into my convictions and outlooks and analyze whether they refle

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    Loved it! I have listened to Lecrae's music since I first heard the song Beautiful Feet on a Healing 4 Haiti album from 2010. All of his music is so powerful, and I loved reading how uniquely it was affected by his specific walk with Christ at the time each song was written. The book also gives hope to so many by sharin

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    Well written and easy to digest. Lecrae's message is very clear throughout while being incredibly vulnerable to paint a picture of where he's coming from. For quite a few reasons, I think this book is very brave a

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    What a blessing this book, what depth, what truth, raw real unashamed. Powerful dynamite. Bless his heart.

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    Good easy to read autobiography of Lecrae with some great sweet photo memories

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    This book has really hit the mark on how I have felt as a child and as an adult. It is written well and is relatable on so many levels. If you haven’t already listen to some of Lecrae’s music as it is powerful stuff.

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If you live for peoples acceptance youll die from theirrejection Two time Grammy winning rap artist Lecrae learned this lesson through than his share of adversitychildhood abuse drugs and alcoholism a stint in rehab an abortion and an unsuccessful suicide attempt Along. If you want the truth on Lecrae s life rather than listening to what is on the internetsocial media READ this book A disclaimer here I am not a big fan of hip hop music and or Lecrae even though I enjoy the lyrics when I can understand them HOWEVER our teenager 15 LOVES Lecrae s music and has many of his albums He purchased this book for his Kindle and therefore I decided to read it as well Was I disappointed No What a story This book is extremely well written in the fact that I don t think I found a single error which is VERY unusual The writing flows making it an easy read despite it being a hard read when you discover everything Lecrae has gone through in his life This man says it as it is with no rose colored glasses on My one piece of advice would be to NOT let young children read this book Although we are not given graphic details it does not take much of an imagination to know what went on in Lecrae s young life This book is CLEAN in that there is no swearing but you have to be aware that this is Lecrae s life story and to most that will not paint a pretty picture Drugs sex violence and were part of Lecrae s life for many yearsSO where does the book start Surprisingly in 2015 Lecrae provides the reader with insight into what it is like to be an outsider at the Grammy s We are then taken back to his birth and childhood Think that being a father is not important Read how much frustration and anger Lecrae experienced over his dad leaving him and his mom and not ever having a dad to love and guide him His mom did her best but she couldn t fill that gap Boyfriends and later a stepdad were not the role models he needed Growing up in the hood Lecrae needed to find his place Was he gangsta gangster material No How about a pimp or a hustler Athlete or just an OJ Ordinary Joker What choicesInfluenced by hip hop early on in his life Lecrae soon discovered that he was talented not only by being able to sing rap but also able to write it Although his status rose he was still crying out for attention nourishment and love The words Your daddy had you and he left you were not uncommon and these words sliced through him constantly reopening the wounds of abandonment Alas he was also sexualized at an early age thus warping his view of women and the original plan God created sex forGiven many opportunities to succeed college etc Lecrae found himself embroiled in a life of drugs and sex Nothing satisfied He was still coming up emptyFor the first time in my life I felt a sense of purpose and identity What happened Would it lastHow was Reach Records formed Who was Lecrae s roommate at that time Where does Rehab come into his story How did he meet his wife Many of you probably want to know WHY Lecrae changed his music from being very Christianchurch oriented to being mainstream It s all in this book Critics don t know the whole story Critics almost never do Critics always have a lot of fury But they rarely have a lot of facts Find out the truth by reading this book You will also enjoy some photos at the end of Lecrae from babyhood up to the modern day with his wife and family success is not what I ve done compared with what others have done Success is what I ve done compared with what God has called me to doThis is one of the BEST autobiographies I have read in a LONG time I was not reuired to write a review but chose to do so Thanks Liz

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The way Lecrae attained an unwavering faith in Jesus and began looking to God for affirmation Now as a chart topping industry anomaly he has learned to ignore the haters and make peace with his craft The rap artist holds nothing back as he divulges the most sensitive de. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS BOOK There are so many people now days that go through crazy situations in life They are afraid of what people may think and won t speak up Lecrae s story is extremely powerful and inspiring He s shining a light on the things that we d rather keep in hidden the dark He s being a light and wanting to bring all the Glory to God through the good and bad times He talks about the views of what non Christians have on Christians and what Christians views are on non Christians It s so crazy what both think He s shinning the light on no matter what you ve gone through or what you ve done you can be and are loved God loves you One of the things He said that really stuck out to me was A person flying first class and a person flying in a regular seat there s really no difference They are both going to the same place and flying first class isn t going to get that person to the destination faster We all face the same struggles this life throws at us There are no rules that we have to follow and simply no standards that we have to meet for God to love us and to forgive us Through the mess and the storms of life Lecrea focused on bringing God the Glory through any situation His vulnerability is amazing and truly inspires the heck out of me I ve struggled with trying to impress people myself and make them proud of me Then beat myself up when I failed He s inspired me to love myself the way I am Mistakes flaws and imperfections All of it He s shown me that we can shine a light even bright if we talk about the things we are afraid to talk about We can help other people by just being there for them and not throwing insults in their face Be Love instead of hate Be the light that shines on the hill We don t have to follow the Rules and expectations to bring God all the glory we simply just have to love him and follow Him Lecrea is telling his story and just being his self in hopes to bring God all the Glory through the process That s amazing

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Tails of his life answers his critics shares intimate handwritten journal entries and powerfully models how to be a Christian in a secular age This is the story of one mans journey to faith and freedomCoverInterior design by Alex Medina photography by Mary Caroline Mann. What a blessing this book what depth what truth raw real unashamed Powerful dynamite Bless his heart

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A multi Grammy Award–winning platinum selling artist Lecrae has evolved into a New York Times bestselling author entrepreneur speaker thought leader philanthropist and co ownerpresident of Reach Records To date he has sold than three million copies and has been nominated for five Grammy Awards including a win for Best Gospel Album 15 Dove Awards one Billboard Music Award and has received both a Soul Train Music Award and BET Hip Hop Award nomination From his 2017 album All Things Work Together his single “I’ll Find You” ft Tori Kelly is now certified platinum by the RIAA sold over one million copies and “Blessings” ft Ty Dolla ign is now gold sold over 500k In addition to his new book I Am Restored Lecrae will release a new album Restoration and documentary in 2020 Lecrae resides in Atlanta Georgia with his wife and three children