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Unexpected Joy at Dawn

Nce to the politics of race and migration in the twenty first century Unexpected Joy at Dawn received a commendation in the Best First Book Prize Africa Region of the Commonweath Writers Prize. It is a complicated book

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This story of migration identities and lives undermined by cynical and xenophobic politics pushed to its logical and terrible conclusion pertains to the Ghanaian orders of 'alien compliance' i. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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Ssued in 1970 1971 which was designed to force all non ethnic Ghanaians so called illegal immigrants to return to their so stipulated 'home' the novel thus touches on concerns of deeper releva. It

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    Please can it be summarize in chapters

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    I want to summarize the novel

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    love the novel because it touches some area of history both in Ghana and in Nigeria

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    It is a complicated book

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    This is a book that makes a political statement It is interesting and suspenseful in some partsClick on the lin

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