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    ARC provided by Razorbill in exchange for an honest reviewOurs was a story that wouldn't stand for the commonplaceThis was Strong's debut nov

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    Full review likely to come soon cause this book has some serious issues that need to be dISCUSSED

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    More reviews at SPOILER WARNINGHi it’s Aashna Today I am going to be reviewing Us Kids Know by JJ Strong If you haven't heard of this book I wouldn't be surprised I actually came across it while working at a literary agency I generally stay on top of current popular books and I'm now sad to say that this book wasn't on my radar e

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    I enjoyed the writing st

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    I found that I couldn't really determine motivation for any of the three main characters in this work It made them all feel distant at best The cover is cool and the writing itself isn't bad I just didn't care for the characters or the plot

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    I hate to give a book three stars but this one seemed to lack cohesiveness The motivations of the teens were unrealistic and prone to strange leaps of logic Sorry but this one didn't impress me

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    Find my book review on Unpredictable Realistic Us Kids Know by JJ Strong gave me so much pain in the process of re

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    TW suicidal thoughts death of a childIn Us Kids Know Strong effectively delivers the reader into the confusion and angst of three teenagers by letting us into their innermost thoughts Brielle and Ray O'Dell are lower middle class Jersey kids with seemingly normal teen lives Bri plays field hockey not well but she has instant friends at an all girl's private school Ray is a freshman at the companion boys Catho

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    No spoiler rant reviewSo where to start Going into this book I was expecting something different Initially I thought the main focus of the story would be the character Cullen I was perfectly fine with this actually preferred it But then we are introduced to Ray the real main character Let's say I wasn't happy with this route but I could get through it at least that's what I thought I hate and I mean HATE Ray as

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    Us Kids KnowBy JJ StrongRating 455When Ray and Brielle O'dell meet Cullen Hickson they didn't know their world would change Brielle plays the part of the popular girl but uestions every decision and move she makes Fighting so hard just to fit in with friends that she is sure like herRay is on the search for God Since his mother's depression Ray has felt alone and he is desperate to find something bigger than

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Summary Å PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ J.J. Strong

Us Kids Know

Er field hockey team They don’t really understand Bri and if Bri is being totally honest she doesn’t really understand them eitherWhen storied delinuent Cullen Hickson enters the orbit of the O’Dell siblings though everything changes Brielle and Ray find an alluring addictive outlet in Cullen who opens their eyes to a world they didn’t know existed For Ray that means experiencing. I enjoyed the writing style but the story lacked focus and substance It would have been nice to see a stronger conclusion some aspects were left hanging The attraction to Cullen wasn t fleshed out enough like why Actually after finishing this book I m still asking why Witch, Please (Not Your Basic Witch team They don’t really understand Bri and if Bri is being Fabricate totally honest she doesn’t really understand First & Then them eitherWhen storied delinuent Cullen Hickson enters Ella Puede! the O’Dell siblings Newlyweds Anal Lessons though everything changes Brielle and Ray find an alluring addictive outlet in Cullen who opens The Millionairess their eyes Elements of the Writing Craft to a world Me Tawk Funny they didn’t know existed For Ray E.E. Cummings that means experiencing. I enjoyed Judgment Day the writing style but Bumperhead the story lacked focus and substance It would have been nice The Wondrous And True Story Of Christmas to see a stronger conclusion some aspects were left hanging The attraction The Women on the Island to Cullen wasn Digital Painting, 37 Intermediate Tricks and Techniques t fleshed out enough like why Actually after finishing How to Keep a Sketchbook Journal this book I m still asking why

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The singular thrill of small time crime from breaking and entering to grand theft auto while Brielle uickly dives into an all consuming romance with the enigmatic upperclassmanBut as Brielle and Ray find themselves and entwined with Cullen’s antics the once thrilling experiences begin to feel increasingly dangerous culminating in a life changing event that shakes the teens to their co. Find my book review on Unpredictable Realistic Us Kids Know by JJ Strong gave me so much pain in the process of reading the novel with life realizations complicated family issues that need to discuss mixed with mental health awareness and the longing of in a relationship or at least friendship for the broken characters of the bookThis novel is mind breaking heart wrenching profoundly compelling that execute so much lies and anticipation truth and answers forgiveness and hope It depicts the negative action of kids when they are not guided when they are not understood and it shows the ugly side of human behavior which I really appreciate the stunning correlation of human sympathy pity desires and the never ending guiltI would like to commend JJ Strong for writing a difficult book that exudes a lot of issues Finding the answer in the universe uestioning your purpose accepting defeat towards an individual mental illness are few issues to be named of and this book is crazy It tackles suicide with so much reality that even I was shocked how a character covers up his intention and how another character was so direct and transparent with depression and serious of killing himself finding light in between the process of grievingIt taught me that even if your family is totally messed up they are still the ones who will care for you I liked how the book ended that the author leaves what will happen next to the readers but I want I love how raw and true this book to reality How friendship can spur in the moment and collapses in second I liked Cullen s uniueness that drives to people to do things that they never thought they would and experience such rush happiness and fear all the same time It was a book that will let your mind wander on its pages and addicted by the narrativeUs Kids Know by JJ Strong is a fast paced book with a poetic writing style that is easy to read It feels like you were in the character s shoes striving for the best but to be greeted by disappointment There are things that left hanging in the book and it mirrors the life negatively and yet it was all the truth Things like this could happen Stories in this book did happen It got me to thinking that life is short and there is so much lesson that can fill someone s life And Us Kids Know made me realized that people need to unleash their inner demons at some point to prevent themselves to be eaten by their own thoughts It is palpable and mundane both at the same time With an open mind parents should read this wonderful bookMY RATINGS 4 STARS

Summary Å PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ J.J. Strong

We all knew about Cullen HicksonSiblings Brielle and Ray O’Dell are lost Anxious Restless Bullied at his Catholic school for being small and timid Ray wants to be someone people respect or even better someone people fear Meanwhile Brielle whose “popular” status feels tenuous at best knows that something is off about her friendship with the shiny happy sophisticated blond girls on h. More reviews at SPOILER WARNINGHi it s Aashna Today I am going to be reviewing Us Kids Know by JJ Strong If you haven t heard of this book I wouldn t be surprised I actually came across it while working at a literary agency I generally stay on top of current popular books and I m now sad to say that this book wasn t on my radar even though it has every reason to be This book is simply special Often YA books fall into a sort of cliche mold that conceals the talents of YA writers Their work is perceived as easy even frivolous Strong doesn t underestimate his audience in the slightest and proves how writing YA doesn t necessarily have to sound young This book was written with the maturity of an adult novel the characters ages being the only aspect that makes it YA I cannot overstate the lasting impact this book has had on me and its overall importance to the YA genre This story meant something in a shockingly profound wayOne of the biggest things nailed in this book was setting Having this book take place soon after 911 in New Jersey was not be chance Strong purposefully made that decision to add another layer of complexity to this story It s especially relevant to teenagers today when larger problems always seem to frame the world we live inI imagine it must be incredibly hard for adults to write YA books because they have to authentically create a teenage voice It s been years or even decades since these people have had to deal with issues and angst specifically relating to teenagers Often it s clear that the author is an adult through the teenage assumptions projected onto the characters Strong amazingly was able to write from three different teenage perspectives each sounding uniue and authentic As a teenager I was able to relate to these characters on a deeper level than I relate in most books Bri Cullen and Ray clearly sounded their ages in both dialogue and inner monologuesThis book is psychologically messed up There s no other way to put it I have never read something set in the real world where characters go to such disturbing lengths to get what they want The best examples are Cullen jumping in front of the car and Ray wanting to be buried alive I can t say I don t understand the characters intentions because Strong made those uite clear It s just strange to think about how someone could even come up with such twisted ideas for a realistic fiction book Sure I can go on and on about how amazing Us Kids Know is but I was uncomfortable to the point where I wanted to put the book down at timesStrong does not shy away from tackling philosophical topics normally not even discussed in high school much less in YA literature The arguing perspectives on matters like religion suicide and love were thought provoking I could see the support for all the presented opinions something that adds a rich maturity This book would easily cause readers to uestion their fundamental opinions on established topics which is what truly great books should do My perspective should be broadened and I should be left with the impact for years to comeThis story had an interesting timeline The perspectives dates and events weave together and sometimes backtrack without sounding redundant Strong struck a nice balance between telling his story in a uniue way without being forcedAs I sidetone I appreciate how Strong make it a point to mention school work Yes these kids are in high school so they have certain responsibilities It always bothers me when books that mention school leave out homework and studying That s what school really is not just a place to go hang out with friends and eat lunchThe character development was also impressive It wasn t about rushing the characters to become better people by the end of the story Strong was focused on making sure the characters end up in a realistic place I m still on the fence about the romance in this book I know that I don t support it so this is definitely different from what I normally feel in YA romances This wasn t the romance I wanted but it goes without saying that Strong wrote what he wanted well Bri and Cullen s relationship was heavy They weren t in love and their relationship was built on unhealthy notions I don t mind having this kind of relationship highlighted but towards the end it seemed to take over thus weakening the other interesting plot points I hated Bri s character when she was with Cullen He ruined her ambitious nature one of my favorite parts about her character I guess it comes down to whether I would count this as a positive for Strong s consistent writing style or a negative for ruining some of my reading experienceThere was so much to be explored with Amir and Ray s friendship I felt like most of the big developments happened away from the story the reader was presented with In turn Ray s anguish at Amir s death was understandable yet lacking the potential full impactOne thing that upset was the ending As a reader I have been through enough series to be absolutely heartbroken when an author doesn t wrap things up with a pretty bow As a critic I understand the necessity of leaving things open ended to give the reader room to think However Strong cut things off too early The story was not in the place where it could loosely end I did not like being left on an abrupt note after such a beautiful storyI have to give this book a solid 4 stars No doubt this is a book that will stay with me There s no way to forget such a deep strange story The problems that I pointed out didn t ruin my reading experience at all I only realized how they irritated me when writing down my notes for this review Thank you for reading my review and I hope you will join me again as we go off to amazing places

  • Hardcover
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  • Us Kids Know
  • J.J. Strong
  • English
  • 08 August 2018
  • 9780448494173