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When Forever Changes (Forever Love Book 1)

From the USA Today bestselling author of Inseparable comes another emotional angsty friends to lovers second chance romance STANDALONE title TOP 25 BESTSELLER #1 New Adult t put words to what I was feeling but as the years progressed I came to recognize it for what it wassoul deep love The kind only very few people ever get to experience Dylan was than just my best friend my childhood sweetheart my lover He was my soul mate We were carved from the same w. Wow This is only the second book of Davis I have read and it s as remarkable as the other Her ability to create characters that you feel you know feel their emotions and I warn have your heart breaking is amazingEverything is right in this storyI hIghly recommend this book

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Eal with this I dont know how to cope when my forever has changed and I cant help wondering if I had seen the signs earlier if Id pushed him would it have been enough to save usOr had fate already decided to alter our forever Due to mature content and potential triggers this book is only recommended to readers over the age of eighteen This is the first book in a duet although both books can be read as standalone romances as they focus on different couple. I have mixed feelings about this book Having read all the positive reviews I was expecting but it just didn t deliver the WOW factor for me Please note there are some slight spoilers in my review so please stop reading if you don t want the slight snippets I liked the concept of the story which I felt the author delivered really well and there were some really sad parts that brought a lump to my throat but nothing The thing for me is that I just couldn t relate to the female lead and I found her really annoyingly pathetic at times I found the start of the book a little too sickly sweet in terms of how she Dylan were made for each other only to then uickly fall in love with Slater her friend when her one true love cheats on her The way that Dylan was portrayed at the start of the book just didn t make sense given how madly in love they were until the story starts to unfold and you get the reason Also I understand the cancer part but I simply couldn t correlate using that as a reason to cheat As much as I couldn t relate to the heroine she did have principles and I was glad that she did a little grovelling herself towards the end However the story packed a punch though with a lot going on right off the bat and that kept my interest but from the way the story is told I think It is aimed at the young adult audience So if you are a young adult looking for a book with all the feels this is worth a read

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Holedestined to be together foreverUntil he changed And I believed I was no longer good enough Until he shattered me so completely it felt like I ceased to exist And Id never experienced such heart crushing painUntil he leveled me a second time and I truly wanted to dieBut I had to stay strong because I wasnt alone in this cruel twist of fateI look to the sky pleading with the stars begging someone to tell me what I should do because I dont know how to d. Loved this story An emotional journey that I couldn t put down The characters were really well written and I felt like I knew them and I became invested in what happened to them At times I wanted to yell at them and others I wanted to hug them Don t want to give any of the story away just read it yourself I promise you won t be disappointed

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    Loved this book. Was an awesome read. I could not put it down. I cried, laughed and loved. Siobhan Davis adds so much depth to her romance novels. She takes you on a journey with ecstasy, heartbreak and love like you have never known. Also a lot of laughs from that crazy James family. Forget insta love this book shows you real so

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    Swoon, Slater what a man, so dedicated, strong, forgiving, even though this story starts with Gabby and Dylan and their journey which for a young couple was just so intense, devastating and just a rollercoaster of emotions

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    Wow! This is only the second book of Davis I have read and it’s as remarkable as the other. Her ability to crea

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    Loved this story. An emotional journey that I couldn't put down. The characters were really well written and I felt like I knew them and I became invested in what happened to them. At times I wanted to yell at them and others I wanted to hug t

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    Once again Siobhan has written a gut wrenching, heart stopping, keep you on the edge of your seat and going through a box of tissues story about amazing characters and an angst filled storyline that doesn’t quit.

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    What an intriguing book. Loved it. Stayed up until 1am last night to finish it. I went through so many emotions

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    Cringeworthy, 4 hrs too long and an insult to my intelligence! Watching grass grow is appealing compared to reading this!

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    Amazing story and definitely couldn't put it down.This book has it all, hot love, alpha's and a great read.

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    I have mixed feelings about this book. Having read all the positive reviews I was expecting but it just didn’t deliver the WOW fact

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    My God, does she put you through the ringer.So,first up we have Gabby. A little naive to start off with. Two ep

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    I’m not even sure what to say about this book it was heartbreaking and beautiful and if you don’t like to cry while reading then this isn’t the book for you. It was so extremely well written that the characters actually feel like they are real breathing people and you feel all the emotion along with them. I’ve rea

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    From reading the blurb, I didn't expect a kind of love triangle. And I am glad this isn't really a love triangle (because I don't like them), not in the usual way at least, but it made me wary for the first half of the book.We follow Gabby through her personal development and all is reasonable for me. I could get jealous of how much luck she has to get this two amazing boys who worship the ground she walks. And althoug

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    Best book of the year so far!! *No Spoilers*This is a story about two lucky guys and an extra lucky girl. When Forever Changes had me captivated from the first chapter to the very end. Not many people get to experience true love at all never mind twice. The love in this book is so encompassing that you can’t help but be dragged along for the ride. I won’t spoil your reading experience by revealing what happens, but

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