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Her cousin Stephen was just the right man for her Bryony's mother insisted A fine figure of a man who pledged his undying. The Fever King (Feverwake, of a man who pledged his undying.

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The Wicked Cousin

Love But Bryony often thought of her absent cousin Lucas He'd not been handsome in fact he'd been much too fat Still she t.

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Hought what fun they'd had Bryony's brow crinkled where was Lucas now She sighed a deep sigh and prepared herself to marry.

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    Her fiance was tall dark and handsome A pity When she wanted someone witty kind and gentle–Cover Blurb The Wicked CousinByrony de Beaufre adores her cousin Sir Lucas Bardine Growing up on neighboring properties they spent hours playing in their “castle” an abandoned hermitage they discovered as children Even now that Byrony is an adult and an Incomparable she still regards Lucas as her closest friend–nevermind that he is grossly o

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