( Pdf ) Working Hard is Not Good Enough AUTHOR T.G.C. Prasad – Epub and DOC

  • Paperback
  • 272
  • Working Hard is Not Good Enough
  • T.G.C. Prasad
  • English
  • 27 September 2019
  • 9788184003239

10 thoughts on “Working Hard is Not Good Enough

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    Another find from cleaning of bookshelfI don't generally read such books but my sis bought it and I perused through it It doesn't talk about anything I don't know about but the examples presented in the book clicked with me on so many levelsA nice read

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    I just can't get enough of this book The author has made it so interesting that at no place I felt that I should stopGo and grab this book if you really want to know what it takes than hard work to succeed in any phase of life Author just do

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    Nuggets of wisdom in form Sermons which we find regularly on our feeds Be it JK rowling's story or any other once

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    The book is good in general but will be helpful for people with entrepreneurial goals It provides the icing on the cake ie the very first page mentions that hardwork is imperative There is no secret or shortcut whatsoever

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    Amazing bookAmazing book with valuable experiences in every example Kudos to the author Great book for those who want to excel in corporate career

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    Why do only a minimal percentage of people succeed and get promoted or become entrepreneurs? Only working hard won’t he

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    'Working Hard Is Not Good Enough' by the author 'Mr TGC Prasad' is a management book on what is actually needed to succeed

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    The examples given in the book are very rational and as they connect to all known peopleit is very convincing and we can relate to it very easily It gives an idea how you can make a difference by bringing small change in thought process and personality

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    Reading unusual topic give us good thoughts I got this experience from this book Those who love to read some thing

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    This book is so captivating till it's last page that it's difficult to express in wordsYou just need to get hold of one and start rea

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Working Hard is Not Good Enough

To What else one does especially when the conventional path of hard work doesn’t yield resultsTGC Prasad who has already left an indelible impact with his earlier books has authored yet again a very interesting book an engaging read wherein he. Why do only a minimal percentage of people succeed and get promoted or become entrepreneurs Only working hard won t help you also need to work smart and need to make a difference in your performance The book Working Hard is Not Good Enough helps you understand how to deal with the management and move up the ladder Having read all books by TGC Prasad i must admit he does go about writing his books with painstakingly detail and meticulous research only to get undo everything by sloppy and uneven editing Problem with his books to me has always been length and loose ends There is no clear differentiation of what is done to death and what is new and exciting portions Prasad as in the case of previous non fiction titles does well when not relying on excessive jargon and business like language to elucidate his management insights Rather he concentrates on fairy tale telling or using real life metaphors to strengthen the points of institutional leadership diversity intuition learning unlearning and innovation But how many stories borne out of Apple Steve jobs are new How many of these stories about work culture of Google you have not read before And there lies the most basic problem for me with the bookWith well read people picking up this book the middle portions are a slog The examples and stories are boring and done to death kind and even though they are deliberated sufficiently to be put in the right places they go on for too long and adds too little With stories after stories and very little practical or theoretical portions to back them up the book becomes difficult to likeWorking hard is not good enough is an insightful yet long and draining management book for all who want to make a difference to their performance potential and life in general to achieve success and importantly happiness If you are not into reading managementbusiness books this can be an ideal start to pick one For the oldies it seems to be yet another business book to boost the author s consulting business

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Describes fifteen critical elements that make a real difference for those who are in pursuit of success Based on extensive research he has culled deep insights from local and global business cases and has given the book the right management flavor. Reading unusual topic give us good thoughts I got this experience from this book Those who love to read some thing new should get thisTHE Examples are very inspiring and relevant Being a management student this book truly gives me the right insightsA must read

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Hard work is the foundation for accomplishing major milestones in life but then often than not only a very few become successful in their career and life endeavors So what are the differences which made some of them achieve what they really wanted. Nuggets of wisdom in form Sermons which we find regularly on our feeds Be it JK rowling s story or any other once failed to now a success story which has different emotions and ideas to its making That all is included here My uncle gave me this one a long time back A good well researched non fiction but the examples it holds are no longer unknown we are all familiar with those stories but I guess that s anyway the purpose with non fiction to keep reminding it So pick this one for a motivational dose A book which tells you to learn everything and have an overall development