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WHAT IS IT ABOUT Zabiba and the King is an allegorical love story between a mighty king Saddam and a simple yet beautiful commoner named Zabiba the Irai people Zabiba is married to a cruel and unloving husband the United States who forces himself upon her against her will This act of rape is compared to the United States invasion of Ira DOES SADDAM HUSSEIN RECEIVE ANY MONEY FOR THIS BOOK Not a dime The translation is owned by the editor WHY TRANSLATE THIS BOOK The editor an American businessman had the book translated into English to satisfy his own curiosity He also felt it would be interesting and a be. I wanted to read this book for a long time ever since I learned about it previous to the 2003 invasion of Ira Saddam Hussein had long been an intriguing figure to me and I felt the true extent of who he was and what he was about was not being presented in the media Either I read about Zabiba and the King in print or heard about it on television I can t recall which but the novel was spoken of as a tool the CIA was using to dissect the mind of the then president of Ira which the media and DC had obsessed about close to fifteen years Saddam Hussein had been called everything from a dictator monster butcher and thug Suddenly we were being told he wrote books So to me he wasn t so one dimensional after all Saddam Hussein never attached his name as the author of this book but it s said that everyone in Ira knew who wrote it I ve even asked an Irai friend who said it s true Was this modesty and humbleness on the part of the president of IraZabiba and the King was said to be an allegory when I first read or heard about it The heroine Zabiba raisin in Arabic is a woman of the people of the peasant class which Saddam Hussein reminds the reader throughout Throughout the novel he praises the common people He himself was of peasant Bedouin stock so Zabiba represents his roots Some have said Zabiba symbolizes Ira The king who is her platonic and philosophical lover represents Saddam Hussein and Zabiba s brutish and abusive husband is the American government and military Reading the story and its scattered notes I wouldn t be a bit surprised if it s trueSo what exactly is this curious novel which is deadly boring at times but also exciting and suspenseful at others Is it an allegory It is certainly a romance Is it a political treatise Is it a social commentary about the nobility of the peasant and working classes and the corruption immorality and hypocrisy of the merchant classes and the elites Is it a psychological novel Is it a suspense novel Is it an historical epic Is it a philosophical novel filled with many proverbs wisdom and also ideas from the uran Is it a subtle diatribe against the American government the Zionists and the Gulf Arabs Is it a sort of treatise to feminism not third wave and the strong smart and independent woman Does it begin in ancient Ira and winds up in modern Ira at the inception of the Baath Party What was Saddam Hussein trying to do here Read and decideSo ending in my opinion Zabiba and the King is all of the above Yes the long drawn out philosophical conversations between Zabiba and the king at the palace get interminable and boring at times but I happened to like some of the wisdom and the innocence of the two protagonists being that I am an old schooler and a romantic Because of the dry parts and some of the disjointedness of Zabiba and the King I don t want to give it than three stars It s a curious and somewhat intriguing book I would give Saddam Hussein a B for effort A couple of my favorite uotesZabiba to the KingDo you want to bridle my freedom clip my two wings which allow me to fly between the trees and to enjoy the beauty of the flowers and branches leaning over the surface of the riverViolence always brings a horrendous amount of pain independently of whether it is a man who rapes a woman an army of enemies invading the nation or a law being violated by those who spurn it But it is even worse when one is betrayed to the point of humiliation whether by a country or a human beingSaddam Hussein wrote several books during his lifetime In July the Guardian reported that an upcoming novella of his will be published in English


Zabiba And The King

Of Islam yet the king still worships the idols of his forefathers and is ignorant of some of the fundamental traditions of the Islamic faith DID SADDAM HUSSEIN REALLY WRITE THE NOVEL While it is no secret that the release of this book in Arabic was an overnight best seller in Ira and even became an on stage musical production in Baghdad the book promotes the establishment of a uasi democratic form of government that the editor and others believe would not have been allowed to be published in Ira unless Saddam were intimately involved in its creation Many Irais firmly believe it was penned by Saddam Husse. Intresting The profits go to the red cresent So don t be afraid by buying this book you support the underground Ba ath party or something like that I which I could find the non fiction books by Saddam translated into English

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Neficial tool for the curious the patriotic the educator the historian etc as well as for the friends and families of servicemen serving in Ira The publisher a strong supporter of US troops felt the book was an interesting read While the allegory is controversial and at times unsettling it gives the reader an opportunity to play detective and attempt to decipher any hidden meanings WHAT IS THE SETTING The stomping grounds of a young Saddam Hussein near Tikrit Ira WHAT IS THE TIME PERIOD The era of the story is the mid 600's to early 700's AD due to the clue the main character Zabiba is a devout follower. Though at times elouent and expressive the term that most accurately describes Saddam Hussein s allegorical love story though that categorization itself can easily be challenged is dense Its characters are philosophical and introspective and while there is a romance between Zabiba a common woman and Arab the king they both are likely to be having socio political discussions than to be doing anything traditionally romantic The repeated visits between the two feel like Sheharazad s ritual storytelling in their ritualistic constancy substituting of course their public minded discussion for folk stories and legends and the motivation of love rather than to save one s life Theirs is a cerebral love that at times veers close to being unconvincing but in the moments when the characters connect on some idea or important distinction there is a definite sincerity of feeling Perhaps the most surprising thing is that the two are clearly euals in their relationship as the book takes pains to point out than once Was this Saddam s ideal relationship one that unites soul mind heart and body as he describes in the text Altogether this is not what one would expect from such a demonized dictator though I would definitely say that the end product is rather challenging and at times stifling At least by Western standards it s hard to say Saddam has acheived a literary milestone But that doesn t mean his novel isn t interesting

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    I wanted to read this book for a long time ever since I learned about it previous to the 2003 invasion of Ira Saddam Hussein had long been an intriguing figure to me and I felt the true extent of who he was and what he wa

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    Fascinating as a document less good as a novel Interesting to contrast the political ideas put forward by the Socratic dia

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    One of the four novels ever written by Saddam Husein i've got one entitled translated into 'Evil Dance' which was interes

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    A story about the relationship between a king and a peasant woman her attempts to change the living conditions of her people while influencing her king's heartThe author supposedly Saddam himself could have done so much better The book becomes a dialog and a kind of philosophical and political debate where a kind of dem

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    Just don’t

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    Though at times elouent and expressive the term that most accurately describes Saddam Hussein's allegorical love story tho

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    An amazing novel by a great leader It’s a touching story and Saddam was a well read educated person who could

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    Intresting The profits go to the red cresent So don`t be afraid by buying this book you support the underground Ba`ath party or something like

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    I didn't get too far in this one There is some uestion on whether or not this book was actually written by Saddam Hussein I am inclined to think it was because a ghost writer would have probably written a better book

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